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our spa treatments include slimming services that we describe in this section.  
The laser like lipo was designed to shrink the fat cells.This targets the fat cells causing them to open up and release the fat contents then the fat cells like smaller appearance of cellulite often reduce or even disappear :
  • Completely

  • Naturally

  • Safely

  • No Drugs

  • No Pain

The Z Wave unit transmits powerful sound waves onto and through the skin. This energy is delivered via an electromagnetic applicator, then spreads out radially. (picture the gentle radial waves generated when dropping a pebble into a still pond.) This radial energy enhances the treatment effect to improve the the tone, texture and appearance of the cellulite. The body parts most prone to cellulite are buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arms.
The Vibration machine will help you achieves :
  • Improve body shape

  • Increase muscular strength

  • Help fat reduction

  • Improves flexibility

  • Increase metabolism

  • Tone and firm muscles

  • Massage muscles

  • Decrease cellulite visibility

  • Assist in weight loss

  • Improve coordination

  • low impact- kind to joints

  • Increased energy 

  • Non invasive

  • Quick and gentle

  • No down time

  • Visible results

Quick view to our Slimming services 
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