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Treatments and Price

Please note that all treatment time includes 10 minutes of preparation.    


Neroli Facial(90') _______________$250

Organic Facial(60')______________$220

Express Mini Facial (45') ________ $99

Vitamin C Facial (50') __________  $179

Red Carpet Facial (55')__________ $285

Acne Treatment (55') ___________ $174

​Men's Organic treatment(60') ____ $170

Brightening Facial(60') __________$180

PurifyingBackTreatment(50')_____ $200

Microdermabrasion (50')_________$270

Body Treatment

Dry Body Brush     (25') ________ $75

SCRUB DELUXE (60') _______  $130

Cellulite Treatment(60')_______  $155

Microcurrent and LED(50')______$220


Roller shape body

Roller shape body     

(50 Minute) ________$290

Roller shape body uses one of the methods of traditional Chinese medicine. The stimulating effects are achieved by a massage in the area of acupuncture lines and reach all distant parts of the body.

Face lift and Neck

Designer peel

Pumpkin Peel(organic)_______$280*

Organic Peel______________ $280*

PCA Peel _________________$295*

Image Peel________________$280*

Anti Aging Peel _____________$285*

Lightening Peel_____________$285*

Acne Peel_________________ $285*   


* series available of 3 or 6.                                          

​Targeted treatment adds on

All treatment serums_____________$25

Organic lip enhancement complex__$20

Stem cell enhancer _____________$25

Neck Treatment Mask___________$85


 Aroma therapy  for any massage and Facial________________________$10


Our New Services

Rezenerate Nano Facial         $380

Oxygène Facial   30 minutes $360 

Oxygène with Time Erase, Rf (45')  $410

Tightening and Slimming Laser


Ultrasonic Facial 30'____________ $140

Microdermabrasion (45') ________ $295

    - 3 sessions ......$700

    - 6 sessions .....$510


Ultrasonic hand treatment________$75


1 zone___________________$650

2 zone___________________ $1200

3 zone___________________$1450

Preventive Face Lift________$800


Radio Freqency & Micro Current

Full Face and Neck  Thightening

RF & Microcurrent (50')__$510

Skin Thightening

Radio Frequency

( Full Face)____________$280

(Body per Zone)________$300

Micro Current

Full Face______________$280

Rezenerate Treatment____$280


Body Contouring

Lipo  Laser__________________$279

G5 Body Treatment per zone  $310

Zimmer Z Wave Schock           $370

FirmSculpt( Dual Laser)_______$479

Muscel stimulator(EMS) __________$400

Infra Red Slimming Body Wrap___$159*

Full Body Vibration_____________$49*

Body Cavitation(20')____________$360*


Full face___________$380*

Ipl full arms ________$750

Ipl full legs ________$850


Décolleté__________ $450*

Hand and Arms available

Laser Hair Removal

Small Area $ 69* per session

Medium Area $99* per session

Large Area $119* per session

Extra Large Area $169* per session

* series available


15 min $45

30 min $56

45 min $85

60 min $110

Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hair from the face or body and is recommended in a collection. Electrolysis can treat most areas of the body including the eyebrows, neck, chest, buttocks, breasts, and legs. There are normally no permanent side effects but sometimes there may be a brief, mild reddening of the skin.   

Microcurrent & Light Therapy

Refund , Return and Cancellation policy

Microcurrent Lunch-Time
Facelift (20') ________ $280 per session
Packages of 3 and 6 is available

Light Therapy
LIGHT Emitting Diode (LED)
Red, Blue, Yellow, Green,  

Light therapy (45') _______ $215
 - 3 Sessions 20% discount____ $ 516
 - 6 Sessions 40% discount____ $ 774

Refund , Return and Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy to other Spa guests and our therapists, please give at least a 48-hour notice of cancellation to avoid a $25 charge or as a penalty one of your sessions taken away. A credit-card number , advanced payment, or gift-certification number may be required at the time of booking. For spa packages and two or more guests coming together we require a 48 - hour cancellation notice. Groups and bridal parties will require a 50% deposit at the time of booking. A refund is not available after you have used a portion of the services you booked.After one session the fee for package of two is non-refundable.Please ask new  update of our staff about our refund and return and cancellation policy.Educational programs After two sessions the fee for programs is non-refundable.We do not provide refunds for cancelled or missed appointments.

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