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How to take care your skin during the winter

The skin gets hot, flaky, and chapped during the winter. This may make you feel uncomfortable and itchy, but during winter there are many effective ways to protect the hair.

1. Cover your skin, completely.

Bundling up is your instinct, but not just piling on the sheets. Make sure that your body is fully covered. Wear gloves on your hands if you live in a snowy environment, preferably waterproof. Wrap a scarf around your neck and protect your coat from any of your chests.

2. Don’t wash your hair daily.

It seems counter-intuitive, but every day you will avoid washing your hair. Shampooing your hair strips it of natural oils that keep your scalp moisturized and healthy. Whether you wash your hair every day or almost every day, it may cause your scalp to overproduce this oil, so it may feel greasy for a while. Your scalp will soon realize that it is not drained of the oil and will adjust every few days to be washed.

3 .Protect your hair when washing

People think in cold weather to keep skin moist, but rarely does anyone care about their body. Switch to shampoo for these few months that will provide more moisture than you usually use, as long as your hair is still clean. Search for a shampoo or hot oil treatment to cure your skin if it's already exposed to cold and heat.

4. To provide more moisture, adjust your skincare routine.

The skin's moisture evaporates quickly in winter months ' cold and wind, and the skin also contains less natural oil. In warmer seasons, use a thicker, stronger moisturizer than you do, as long as it is still good for your skin. Any change in your skincare regimen may cause you to break out until your skin becomes accustomed to it, so be aware that there is an adjustment period before you give up on a particular product. As soon as you get out of the shower to lock in moisture, make sure you apply this new lotion and wash it off with warm water every night to give your skin a chance to breathe.

5. consume sunscreen.

It sounds stupid, isn't it? What puts sunscreen in a coat and mittens before bundling? You are supposed to! While it may not warm you up as it does in summer, don't think the sun is as dangerous as it is. Even more, harm could result from the sun glaring off ice and snow. Apply a half-hour sunscreen before you go out to give it a chance to dry and not stick to your clothing, and reapply regularly if you're going to be in the sun too long.

6. Apply hand lotion.

For every task, you use your hands all day, but it's still so easy to forget that they need the greatest care. Sometimes, until they are chapped and scratched, you may not know that your hands need support. Using morning and evening a strong moisturizing cream and add lotion after you wash your hands if you consider that soap and water dry them too much out. If you don't want to get smears on your electronic screens or keyboards on your computer, make sure you find a non-greasy lotion.

7. Preclude chapped lips.

You don't know how much you're licking your lips before they get chapped! To prevent this, use a moisturizing lip balm all day long and keep your lips soft. Use it as part of the moisturizing routine of your entire body, but also bring a tube with you to reapply as often as possible. You can put a layer of Vaseline on top of your lip balm if you go out in the extreme cold to keep the cold off your lips even more.

8. Be warm, not hot.

You want to be warm when you're cold – it's just normal! Who knew you were bad? In reality, going from cold to hot will make your skin drier faster. When you stay warm, the temperature will be more uniform, and the skin will be healthier. It will also help to infuse moisture into the atmosphere by using a humidifier instead of a space heater. Recall this bathing principle as well, and use warm water instead of hot for showers. The hot water will irritate your skin and strip moisture from your body.

9. Never use wet clothes.

Wear as many waterproof clothing items as possible, including gloves, shoes, and fur. If your clothes get wet, make something hot and dry out of them. Staying in wet clothes will irritate your skin, and itchiness and sores can occur.

10. Always be hydrated.

You may want to drink hot coffee or cocoa, but during colder weather, it is important to stay hydrated. Avoid drinking alcohol, which will dehydrate the body. Make sure you drink eight glasses of water a day that will not only help your body stay hydrated but also your hair. Hydrated skin will be safer, and in combination with this moisturizing routine, your skin will look so great, you won't even know it's cold outside!

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