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Best Way to Get That Beach Body You've Been Dreaming of

Summer has arrived, and now it's time to whip out your bathing suits. We understand that summer has arrived a little early for some, but don't fear, there are methods to speed up the process of acquiring that summer physique. It is critical to remember that while obtaining extra aid slimming your body, you must also exercise and diet in order to get the maximum results. Neroli Med Spa provides several slimming treatments, however depending on one's goal and body shape, a therapist assigns a treatment that is best fitting for the client.

For those who are focused on losing some inches and would like to get toned for the summer Neroli has a great treatment plan for you! Dual lipo laser plus vibration is great when put together as they benefit each other to burn fat cells and tighten the skin. Now you may be wondering to yourself "What is dual lipo laser?" and "What are the benefits of vibration?" Dual lipo laser is a special non-invasive, dual-wavelength laser procedure for skin tightening and sculpting on all body parts. that have two waves Waves at 650 nm and 940 nm both promote blood circulation while tightening the skin. With excellent results, the unique delivery mechanisms are combined for collagen remodeling and hyperthermic adipocyte death. There is no downtime, it is painless, and it is non-invasive.

While vibration does not sound like it would help an individual to lose weight, it actually has many benefits.

Benefits of whole body vibration

  • Increase in bone mass.

  • Build up your muscular mass.

  • Increase blood flow.

  • Joint pain reduction

  • Lessen back pain

  • Reduce stress.

  • Increase metabolism

By using a whole body vibrating machine one will feel a vibrating sensation throughout their body. When vibration is used with another treatment it can enhance results of body contouring. Call or book online now to schedule an appointment to get dual lipo laser and full body vibration done just in time to hit the beach.

Stay tuned for more blog posts as we will go into depth about Neroli's other treatments!

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